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A Weekend in Amsterdam – An Unforgettable Weekend Journey

Imagine waking up to the gentle lapping of water against the hull of a houseboat, the distant clanging of bicycle bells, and the smell of freshly-baked stroopwafels filling the air. A weekend in Amsterdam, the city of canals. Known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system, and narrow houses, Amsterdam is a city that pulses with life.

Its rich history is evident in the well-preserved 17th-century buildings that line the streets and the canals. Yet, Amsterdam is far from being stuck in the past. It’s a modern, vibrant city with a youthful vibe and an open mind, making it an excellent destination for a weekend trip.

Spending a weekend in Amsterdam can feel like stepping into a different world. It’s a city that combines the old and the new, the traditional and the innovative, the familiar and the exotic. It’s a place where every corner holds a surprise, and every surprise adds to the magic of the city.

Planning for a Weekend in Amsterdam

Planning for a weekend in Amsterdam can be as exciting as the trip itself. There are so many things to do and see, and it’s essential to have a plan to make the most of your time. Start by researching the city’s highlights and create a list of must-see locations.

Next, decide on your accommodation. Amsterdam offers a wide range of options, from luxury hotels and charming bed and breakfasts to unique houseboats. Choose a place that fits your budget and is close to the attractions you want to visit.

Lastly, familiarise yourself with the city’s public transportation system. Amsterdam is a bike-friendly city, and renting a bike can be a fun and efficient way to get around. However, the city also has an excellent network of trams, buses, and ferries that can take you to different parts of the city.

Top Things to Do in Amsterdam

When it comes to things to do in Amsterdam, the options are endless. Start your weekend with a canal cruise, the ideal way to see the city’s iconic houses, bridges, and monuments. A visit to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum is a must for art lovers. These museums house some of the world’s most significant collections of Dutch art.

Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam’s grandest museum is home to a staggering collection of artworks and artefacts

For a glimpse into Amsterdam’s past, take a tour of the Anne Frank House. This poignant museum offers a sobering look at one of the darkest periods in history. If you’re looking for something lighter, head to the Heineken Experience for a fun and interactive tour of the famous beer brewery.

When you need a break from sightseeing, relax in one of the city’s beautiful parks. Vondelpark, the largest park in Amsterdam, is the perfect place for a picnic or a leisurely walk.

Exploring Amsterdam Neighborhoods

Each neighbourhood in Amsterdam has its unique charm and character. Spend some time exploring the Jordaan, a district known for its picturesque canals, quirky shops, and cosy cafes. It’s also home to the Anne Frank House and the Noordermarkt, a bustling market that sells everything from fruits and vegetables to antiques and art.

Next, head to De Pijp, a vibrant neighbourhood with a bohemian vibe. It’s filled with trendy bars, eclectic restaurants, and the famous Albert Cuyp Market, the largest street market in the Netherlands.

Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the Eastern Docklands, a former industrial area that’s been transformed into a hub of contemporary architecture and cultural venues. Here, you’ll find the NEMO Science Museum, an excellent destination for families, and the Eye Film Museum, a must-visit for film enthusiasts.

Amsterdam’s Top Attractions: What to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s top attractions are a mix of historical landmarks, world-class museums, and unique experiences. One of the most iconic landmarks is the Royal Palace Amsterdam, a stunning piece of 17th-century architecture that’s still in use by the Dutch Royal Family today.

Royal Palace Amsterdam.

Museumplein, or Museum Square, is another must-visit. It’s home to some of the city’s most famous museums, including the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art.

For a unique Amsterdam experience, visit the A’DAM Lookout, a 100-meter-high tower that offers panoramic views of the city. If you’re brave enough, you can even try the ‘Over the Edge’ swing, which swings you out over the edge of the tower for a thrilling ride.

The Magic of Amsterdam’s Nightlife

When the sun sets, Amsterdam transforms into a city of light and magic. Whether you’re a fan of cosy pubs, stylish cocktail bars, or vibrant nightclubs, Amsterdam’s nightlife scene has something for everyone.

Start your evening with a drink at a traditional Dutch ‘brown café’. These pubs, known for their dark wood interiors and friendly atmosphere, are the perfect place to enjoy a local beer or jenever, a traditional Dutch spirit.

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, head to one of the city’s cocktail bars. Try Door 74, a speakeasy-style bar with a secret entrance and a menu of creative cocktails. For a night of dancing, visit one of Amsterdam’s many clubs. Paradiso, a former church turned music venue, is a local favourite.

The Best Eateries and Cafes in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s culinary scene is as diverse as its population. The city offers a wide range of dining options, from traditional Dutch pancakes to Indonesian rijsttafel.

Ginger and Custard Pancake in Amsterdam.

For a hearty breakfast or brunch, head to Bakers and Roasters. This Kiwi-style café serves delicious dishes like eggs benedict, banana pancakes, and acai bowls. For lunch, visit The Seafood Bar, a restaurant known for its fresh seafood and friendly service.

When dinner time rolls around, try Restaurant De Kas. Located in a former greenhouse, this restaurant serves dishes made with the freshest ingredients, many of which are grown in their own garden. For dessert, don’t miss the chance to try a stroopwafel, a thin waffle filled with caramel-like syrup.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Weekend in Amsterdam

Here are a few tips to make the most of your weekend in Amsterdam. First, consider buying the I Amsterdam City Card. This card offers free entry to many of the city’s top attractions, unlimited public transportation, and discounts at restaurants and shops.

Second, be mindful of the city’s bike culture. Amsterdam is known for its bike-friendly streets, but this also means that you need to be careful when crossing the road. Always look both ways for bikes before stepping off the sidewalk.

Finally, don’t be afraid to stray off the beaten path. Some of the best experiences in Amsterdam can be found in its lesser-known neighbourhoods and hidden corners.

Capturing your Unforgettable Journey: Amsterdam Photography Tips

Amsterdam is a photographer’s dream. From its iconic canals and historic buildings to its vibrant street life and stunning sunsets, the city offers endless opportunities for beautiful photos.

To capture the city’s magic, get up early and photograph the city as it wakes up. The soft morning light is perfect for capturing the city’s serene canals and quiet streets. Head to the Jordaan or the Eastern Docklands for the best canal shots.

Don’t forget to photograph the city’s vibrant life. Capture the hustle and bustle of the Albert Cuyp Market, the lively atmosphere of a Dutch ‘brown café’, or the tranquil beauty of Vondelpark.

Amsterdam Travel Cost

Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam American.

Here’s an estimate of a weekend budget for three different classes in Amsterdam: economy, mid-class, and luxury. Please note that prices can vary depending on the season, exchange rates, and personal preferences.


  • Accommodation: €40-80 per night for a budget hotel or hostel.
  • Meals: €10-20 per meal in inexpensive restaurants or street food.
  • Transportation: €7.50 for a day ticket for public transportation.
  • Attractions: €10-20 for entry fees to museums and attractions.
  • Total: Approximately €150-250 for the weekend.


  • Accommodation: €80-150 per night for a comfortable hotel or a private room in a hostel.
  • Meals: €15-30 per meal in mid-range restaurants.
  • Transportation: €7.50 for a day ticket for public transportation.
  • Attractions: €10-20 for entry fees to museums and attractions.
  • Total: Approximately €250-400 for the weekend.


  • Accommodation: €150-300+ per night for a luxury hotel or boutique accommodation.
  • Meals: €30-50+ per meal in upscale restaurants.
  • Transportation: €7.50 for a day ticket for public or private transportation services.
  • Attractions: €10-20+ for entry fees to museums and attractions.
  • Total: Approximately €400+ for the weekend.

Remember that these are rough estimates and do not include shopping expenses, nightlife, or any additional activities. Setting aside some extra money for unexpected expenses or souvenirs is also a good idea. Prices can fluctuate, so checking current rates and making reservations in advance is recommended to secure the best deals.

Reflecting on Your Weekend in Amsterdam

As your weekend in Amsterdam comes to an end, take a moment to reflect on your journey. Whether you explored the city’s world-class museums, sampled delicious Dutch cuisine, or simply strolled along its picturesque canals, Amsterdam is a city that leaves a lasting impression.

A weekend in Amsterdam is more than just a trip. It’s an experience that combines history, culture, art, and adventure into one unforgettable journey. And even after you’ve left, the magic of Amsterdam stays with you, calling you back for another visit.

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