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Pattaya Beach Operating Hours Under Review

Due to escalating concerns over nighttime disturbances, Pattaya is reassessing its beach opening hours. The popular beaches of Pattaya are drawing growing complaints from locals disturbed by visitors who play blaring music, indulge in alcohol, and party into the night.

The city is receiving increasing complaints about nighttime visitors who play loud music on portable speakers, drink alcohol, and party on Pattaya’s popular beaches,” says Wutthisak Roemkitchakan, the city’s deputy mayor. “Some of these people continue to drink and party and refuse to leave the beaches, even when the city’s garbage collection comes in the morning to clean the beaches.”

Therefore, according to the deputy mayor, Pattaya authorities are now considering setting beach opening and closing times. Currently, the city has no such regulations, as reported by the “Bangkok Post.”

Pattaya has already tried to increase patrols on the beaches. “However, it was simply not possible to find enough security officers to do this every night,” says Wutthisak Roemkitchakan.

Main problems at weekends

The city’s beaches attract more visitors since they were extensively expanded and renovated. According to the deputy mayor, there are rarely problems on weekdays. But it’s a different story on weekends: “On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, there are many people who drink alcohol and party late into the night,” he says.

The city administration is also receiving increasing complaints about the noise caused by bars along the beach – many of them outdoors. In response, the authorities have asked the venues to reduce the volume of their sound systems. Now, it might also become a topic that bars have to set up soundproof rooms for their guests.

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