KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: A Tradition of Dutch Pioneering in the Skies

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines stands as one of the world’s oldest airlines still operating under its original name. With a rich heritage that traces back to 1919, KLM has been at the forefront of commercial aviation, pioneering routes and services that have shaped global air travel. Let’s take an excursion through the key features of this esteemed airline.

About the Airline

Based at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, KLM is the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands. Part of the Air France–KLM group and a core member of the SkyTeam airline alliance, KLM has developed a vast network that spans across continents, connecting passengers to over 140 destinations with a keen Dutch spirit of innovation and sustainability in mind.

Fleet Size

KLM operates a diverse and modern fleet tailored to meet the demands of various routes. With a fleet size exceeding 110 aircraft, KLM’s selection includes the state-of-the-art Boeing 787 Dreamliners, workhorse Boeing 777s, and the latest additions of the Airbus A350s, ensuring that passengers travel on some of the most advanced and fuel-efficient aircraft in the skies.

Food & Beverage

KLM prides itself on offering a culinary experience that is reflective of the Netherlands’ rich gastronomic culture. Economy class passengers are treated to hearty and healthy meals, while those in Business class enjoy the luxury of three-course menus designed by top Dutch chefs. The airline also takes pride in its wine selection, often featuring vintage choices curated by sommeliers.

Inflight Entertainment

Travelers aboard KLM flights are invited to immerse themselves in an extensive inflight entertainment system. The selection boasts a plethora of movies, TV shows, music, and games accessible on personal screens that come with an intuitive interface. On select aircraft, KLM also offers Wi-Fi services, allowing passengers to stay connected with their personal devices.

Seat Comfort

KLM’s cabin interiors are designed with a nod to Dutch practicality and comfort. Even on the longest flights, the Economy class offers ample legroom and ergonomic seating. The World Business Class features seats that recline into fully flat beds, complemented by privacy screens and premium amenity kits for an elevated travel experience.

Staff Service

Service with a personal touch is the hallmark of KLM’s in-flight hospitality. Crew members, recognized by their stylish Dutch-designed uniforms, deliver attentive and friendly service, showcasing the warmth and professionalism inherent to the Dutch character. They are trained to anticipate passenger needs and provide an accommodating and welcoming atmosphere.

Value for Money

As a premier airline, KLM’s ticket prices might be at a premium compared to budget carriers, but the airline’s commitment to quality service, reliability, and passenger satisfaction ensures that the experience delivers value for the cost. Loyalty programs like Flying Blue further enhance the value for frequent flyers, offering rewards and benefits that enrich the travel experience.

In summary, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines embodies a legacy of Dutch innovation and contemporary elegance. It remains a preferred choice for travellers who value reliability, comfort, and a touch of Dutch hospitality. From the moment you step aboard a KLM flight, the journey becomes an integral part of your travel narrative, filled with refined service, environmental stewardship, and an enduring commitment to connecting the world. Whether you’re taking off for business or exploring new horizons, KLM invites you to “experience the Dutch way” — where every flight is more than just a means to an end, but a distinctive part of your global adventure.

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