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Indulge in Exclusivity: Corendon Airlines’ Adults Only Section

In a bold move that has captured the attention of travellers worldwide, Corendon Airlines has announced the introduction of an “Adults Only” section on select flights. Designed to cater to passengers seeking a more serene in-flight environment, this latest addition signifies the airline’s responsiveness to customer feedback and its willingness to innovate its service offerings.

The “Adults Only” section will feature seats exclusively for passengers aged 18 and over. Corendon’s representatives have expressed that this move is not to segregate families with children but to offer a choice for those who prefer a potentially quieter environment during their travels. The airline believes that this new feature will be particularly appealing to business travellers, couples on romantic getaways, and others who might appreciate a calmer atmosphere.

“Through our continuous engagement with passengers, we’ve come to realize that there’s a significant demand for this kind of seating arrangement,” says Elif Khan, Vice President of Marketing for Corendon Airlines. “Our aim is always to provide a comfortable and memorable travel experience for all our customers, and this addition is in line with that commitment.”

The new section will be rolled out on long-haul flights initially, with the possibility of expansion based on demand and feedback. Ticket prices for the “Adults Only” section will remain competitive, though they may carry a slight premium due to the enhanced experience.

While some have praised Corendon’s initiative as a step towards greater passenger satisfaction, others believe it may lead to increased feelings of division or inequality on flights. Child advocacy groups have raised concerns about potentially stigmatizing families with children.

In response, Khan notes, “We value all our passengers equally, regardless of age. This is about providing choice and understanding that different travellers have different needs. Families with children will continue to receive the highest level of service and care that they’ve come to expect from Corendon.”

It remains to be seen how this innovative approach to seating will impact the wider airline industry. With Corendon leading the way, it’s possible that other airlines might adopt similar strategies in the future. For now, travellers can look forward to yet another choice when booking their next journey.

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