Discover the Unmatched Luxury of Grecotel LUXME Dama Dama

As you plan for your summer holiday, one destination that stands out among the best hotels in Greece, and indeed the best hotels in Europe, is the Grecotel LUXME Dama Dama. This luxury hotel in Greece is a true gem, offering an unforgettable getaway experience that combines luxury, relaxation, and adventure in a beautiful seaside location.

A Prime Location in Greece

A superb Blue Flag awarded sand and pebble beach.

The Grecotel LUXME Dama Dama flaunts an enviable location in Faliraki, outside the bustling tourist hotspots but within easy reach of local attractions. This unique positioning offers you the best of both worlds – the tranquillity of a secluded resort and the vibrancy of a bustling Greek town. The resort is just 3 km from the nearest restaurants and nightlife options, making it a perfect base for exploring the local area.

Luxury Accommodations

The Grecotel LUXME Dama Dama offers more than just a place to sleep. The resort boasts 318 luxurious rooms and suites designed to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. Every accommodation option is air-conditioned and equipped with a mini fridge, a safe, and a satellite TV. Plus, you can enjoy a partial sea view from a private balcony or terrace in most units.

Discover a world of luxury and tranquillity at the Grecotel LUXME Dama Dama, where the charm of Greek hospitality meets contemporary elegance. 

Guestrooms & Bungalows

Lux Me Guestroom Sea View with large glass doors overlooking the Aegean Sea.

The guestrooms and bungalows redefine the concept of luxury living. They are meticulously designed with an eye for detail, providing an intimate setting to relax and unwind. From the plush bedding to the tastefully chosen furnishings, every aspect of the rooms has been crafted to ensure your comfort. The guestrooms overlook the stunning vistas of the sea or the verdant gardens, making it the perfect backdrop for a cosy evening. The bungalows provide privacy and exclusivity, nestled amidst lush greenery, offering a homely ambience.

Family Accommodation

Lux Me Family Bungalow Poolside.

In addition to this, Grecotel LUXME Dama Dama takes pride in its family accommodation. Understanding the needs of families, the hotel offers spacious suites that can comfortably accommodate larger groups. These family rooms are designed keeping the little ones in mind and are equipped with all necessary amenities to ensure a hassle-free vacation for parents. They feature separate bedrooms for adults and children, ensuring everyone gets their much-needed space and privacy. 

The interiors are tastefully done up in soothing colours, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The rooms have an extended outdoor area where families can relax and enjoy quality time together. Moreover, the resort offers a range of activities for all age groups making it an ideal choice for family vacations.

Exceptional Facilities

The great freshwater pool by the Kallithea panorama beach.

At the Grecotel LUXME Dama Dama, you can take advantage of a wide array of facilities designed to enhance your stay. The resort offers a large pool area complete with two freshwater pools, a children’s pool, and two water slides. For the active guests, a range of sports facilities are available, including a tennis court, a gym, and a bicycle hire service. There’s also a spa centre offering a variety of treatments for those seeking relaxation.

Local Attractions

The surrounding area of the Grecotel LUXME Dama Dama is filled with attractions worth exploring. From the stunning Kallithea Beach to the historic Rhodes Old Town, you will find plenty of activities to fill your days. Additionally, the resort is located close to Faliraki, known for its vibrant nightlife, making it an excellent destination for those looking to experience the local party scene.


Saint Nectarios Church in Faliraki.

Faliraki is a seaside resort village on the Greek island of Rhodes known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches. This gem on the Aegean Sea offers a blend of old-world charm and modern amenities, making it an ideal vacation spot for all ages.

The heart of Faliraki is undoubtedly its stunning, five-kilometre-long sandy beach. This Blue Flag-awarded beach is the perfect place to unwind, soak up the Mediterranean sun and enjoy a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters. The beach also boasts a variety of water sports for the adventurous, from windsurfing to jet skiing. 

Beyond the beach, Faliraki offers an array of activities and attractions. The town’s bustling nightlife scene is one of the best in Rhodes, with numerous bars, clubs, and beach parties that keep the energy high until the early morning hours. For families, quieter cafes and restaurants offer delicious Greek cuisine and fun-filled amusement parks like Faliraki Water Park – one of the largest in Europe.

Yet, despite its reputation as a party spot, Faliraki has managed to maintain its traditional Greek charm. Wander off the beaten path and discover quaint streets lined with white-washed houses and picturesque chapels. Visit the local markets where vendors sell everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts. Stroll along the harbour to witness local fishermen bringing in their daily catch. 

Kallithea Beach 

Kallithea Beach in Rhodes is a slice of paradise, a true oasis of tranquillity. This beautiful beach, surrounded by palm trees and crystal clear waters, is an idyllic location for sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling. The architecture of the baths, influenced by the Arabic style, adds a unique charm to the scenery. Nestled on the eastern coast of Rhodes, Kallithea Beach offers stunning views and a serene atmosphere. The beach also boasts a rich history with its famed thermal springs, which were believed to have healing properties. A day at Kallithea Beach is sure to leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Rhodes Old Town

Step back in time and experience the historical charm of Rhodes Old Town. This captivating destination boasts a rich history that dates back to the Knights of St. John era. As you wander through its enchanting cobbled streets, you’ll be mesmerized by the grandeur of medieval architecture, including palaces, forts, and Byzantine churches. The stone-paved alleys are lined with lively shops, traditional Greek tavernas, and bustling bars, providing a delightful blend of past and present. Rhodes Old Town invites you to immerse yourself in its timeless beauty and vibrant culture. Visiting here is not just a holiday; it’s a journey into a fascinating past.

How to Get There from the UK

Getting to the Grecotel LUXME Dama Dama from the UK is a straightforward process that begins with a flight from any major UK airport like London, Manchester, or Birmingham. The flight lasts approximately 4 hours, bringing you to the Diagoras International Airport in Rhodes. 

Upon arrival, you can opt for various modes of transportation to reach Faliraki, which is around 18 kilometres from the airport. The resort offers a transfer service for guests. You can choose from local buses, taxis or even hire a car. The local bus service provides a cost-effective option and gives you an opportunity to mingle with locals and other tourists. If comfort and convenience is your preference, then a taxi or a hired car would be ideal. 

For example, booking a package holiday to this stunning destination with Expedia UK includes your flight, accommodation and transfer. You can check all current offers for Grecotel LUXME Dama Dama here.  

The Grecotel LUXME Dama Dama is a fantastic hotel that you should definitely consider for your next summer holiday. Its luxury accommodations, exceptional facilities, and prime location offer an unmatched holiday experience in Greece. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, or a bit of both, this resort has got you covered.


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