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Embark on a Dream Holiday with Jet2holidays

About the Company

Jet2holidays is the package holiday arm of, the UK’s third-largest airline and second-largest tour operator. Known for their friendly low-cost flights, Jet2holidays has made a significant mark in the British travel industry by providing budget-friendly holiday packages. Since its inception, Jet2holidays has been dedicated to delivering value-packed holidays with a customer-first approach, operating from multiple UK airports to destinations primarily around Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Canary Islands. Their strategic approach often involves flying to sun-soaked resorts and popular city break spots, which has cemented their status as a go-to operator for affordable getaways.

Passenger Numbers in 2022

Despite the lingering effects of the pandemic on travel, Jet2holidays witnessed an encouraging surge in passenger numbers in 2022. While the company has not publicly released specific figures for the year, it reported record levels of customer bookings following the lifting of travel restrictions, which showcases the brand’s resilience and the strong appeal of its value-for-money proposition.

Products and Services

Jet2holidays offers a diverse range of products and services tailored to meet the needs of various travellers. Their packages often include flights, hotels, transfers, and a generous 22kg baggage allowance, making them a one-stop-shop for holidaymakers. Their product portfolio includes everything from family-friendly resorts and luxury escapes to adult-only retreats and city breaks. They also provide ATOL protection and a ‘Part Payment Plan’ to spread the cost of the holiday, adding a layer of financial flexibility and security for customers.

Why Travel with Them

There are several compelling reasons to book a holiday with Jet2holidays. The company is recognised for its simple booking process, transparent pricing, and customer service excellence. With a vast selection of accommodation options and flight times, they offer unparalleled convenience. Their family-friendly ethos, with free child places on many holidays, makes them an attractive option for families looking to maximise value. Additionally, their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through initiatives like their 24-hour in-resort customer helpline.

What People Say

Travelers frequently praise Jet2holidays for their competitive pricing, ease of booking, and reliability. Positive reviews often commend the company for delivering a high level of service and for the quality of their chosen accommodations. Many customers express appreciation for the friendly and helpful attitude of the staff both in the air and on the ground. As with any service, there are occasionally less favourable reviews, typically regarding specific incidents, but the overarching customer sentiment leans strongly towards a positive holiday experience with Jet2holidays.

Most Common Complaints

Jet2Holidays’ most prevalent passenger complaints often relate to additional charges and the clarity of pricing. Some passengers have reported being surprised by extra fees for baggage or seat selection, which they felt were not made clear during the booking process. Others have encountered issues with flight delays and cancellations, which, while often due to circumstances beyond the company’s control, have sparked criticism over the way these situations were managed and communicated.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Jet2holidays has successfully carved out a niche in the competitive UK travel market by offering affordable, quality holiday packages that don’t skimp on service. Their customer-centric approach, combined with their straightforward booking process and robust holiday offerings, makes them a solid choice for those looking for value without compromising on the holiday experience. For travelers seeking an easy, enjoyable, and budget-conscious holiday, Jet2holidays certainly seems to deliver on its promises, making it a reputable and recommended tour operator for UK holidaymakers.

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