Comprehensive Beauty Solutions: A Glimpse into IT Cosmetics

Two IT Cosmetics skincare sets with packaging. On the left, "Best Beauty Sleep Ever" set includes a night serum in a luxe case. On the right, "Your Skin Smoothing Essentials" set features an anti-aging serum and cream. Both sets are presented with colourful geometric designs on the boxes.

IT Cosmetics, a beauty brand known for seamlessly blending makeup and skincare, has become a staple in the beauty routines of many enthusiasts. Offering a range of products from transformative makeup to high-performance skincare and precision brushes, IT Cosmetics is dedicated to making every user feel confident in their own skin. In this article, we explore the world of IT Cosmetics, its product offerings, customer impressions, the pricing range in GBP, and the factors that set it apart in the beauty sphere.

Description of the Brand and Products

Founded by Jamie Kern Lima, IT Cosmetics was born out of a desire to create products that address specific skincare concerns while enhancing one’s natural beauty. The brand collaborates with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to create innovative formulations.

IT Cosmetics’ extensive range includes:

  1. Makeup: Offering foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, and more, IT Cosmetics is celebrated for products like the ‘Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream’, which offers full coverage and skincare benefits.
  2. Skincare: The brand’s skincare line is tailored to improve skin quality, featuring products like the ‘Confidence in a Cream’, which is a highly popular moisturizer.
  3. Brushes: IT Cosmetics also provides a range of professional makeup brushes designed for precision and ease of application.

Each product is crafted to be problem-solving and user-friendly, making beauty routines simpler and more effective.

What do People Think About It?

IT Cosmetics has garnered a dedicated following who appreciate the brand’s dual focus on makeup and skincare. Customers often highlight the brand’s ability to create products that not only conceal but also work to improve skin conditions. The brushes are commended for their quality and ease of use.

While many users find the products beneficial, beauty experiences can be subjective and might differ based on individual preferences and skin types.

Price in GBP

In the United Kingdom, IT Cosmetics positions itself as a premium brand. The price for their products generally falls within the range of £15.00 to £60.00, offering a spectrum of choices for various budgets.

Why is it Good?

IT Cosmetics stands out for several reasons:

  1. Skincare Infused Makeup: The brand’s fusion of skincare ingredients in makeup ensures users get both coverage and care.
  2. Expert Collaboration: IT Cosmetics collaborates with professionals like plastic surgeons and dermatologists to ensure product efficacy.
  3. Inclusive Shade Ranges: The brand has been expanding its shade ranges to cater to a diverse audience.
  4. Quality Brushes: The precision and quality of the makeup brushes make application seamless and professional.
  5. Positive Customer Reception: Many products have received accolades and have a loyal customer base.


IT Cosmetics offers more than just beauty products; it provides comprehensive solutions that empower users to feel confident and beautiful. With its emphasis on addressing specific skin concerns through makeup and skincare, the brand has solidified its place in the beauty industry. For those who seek products that perform while caring for the skin, IT Cosmetics emerges as a brand that combines the best of both worlds, making it a valuable addition to any beauty routine.


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