Austrian Airlines: The Charming Gateway to Central Europe

Austrian Airlines stands as a beacon of hospitality, representing the small but culturally rich nation of Austria. With Vienna at its heart, this carrier extends the country’s reputation for classical music, art, and historical allure into its flying experience.

About the Airline

Established in 1957, Austrian Airlines serves as the flag carrier of Austria and is a part of the Lufthansa Group. Its primary hub at Vienna International Airport is a strategic crossroads connecting East and West, making the airline a preferred choice for travellers venturing into Central and Eastern Europe.

Fleet Size

Austrian Airlines operates a focused fleet that comprises around 60 aircraft, including the Boeing 777 for its long-haul operations and a variety of Airbus models for regional and medium-haul flights. Their fleet’s size allows for a personalized touch, ensuring each journey aligns with their high standards of service and efficiency.

Food & Beverage

Reflecting Austria’s cafe culture and its love for patisserie, Austrian Airlines provides a delightful culinary service. Onboard catering includes Austrian specialities and international cuisine, often accompanied by a range of Austrian wines representing the country’s underrated vineyards.

Inflight Entertainment

The airline’s inflight entertainment is curated to enhance the travel experience with a selection of movies, music, and games that cater to a variety of tastes. Most long-haul flights are equipped with personal screens, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in entertainment or learn more about Austria through cultural insights and programs.

Seat Comfort

The carrier prides itself on offering a comfortable journey, with ergonomically designed seats that ensure a relaxing trip. Even in Economy, passengers are treated to an amenable space, while Business Class travellers can enjoy fully flat beds on long-haul flights, ensuring they arrive at their destination refreshed.

Staff Service

The flight attendants of Austrian Airlines are ambassadors of Austrian hospitality, delivering service with a genuine smile and an accommodating attitude. They’re trained to handle passenger needs with the utmost professionalism and a personal touch that makes flying with Austrian Airlines a warm, welcoming experience.

Value for Money

While Austrian Airlines positions itself as a premium carrier, it manages to balance cost with quality effectively. Competitive pricing, especially within Europe, and regular deals make it accessible, while its quality service ensures passengers feel they’ve received their money’s worth. The airline’s loyalty program, Miles & More, provides additional value through rewards and upgrades.

Austrian Airlines encapsulates the charm of Austria and extends it into the skies. The airline doesn’t just take you to your destination; it ensures that the journey is as enchanting as the cities and landscapes of Austria itself. With a focus on customer service, culinary delights, and a cosy flight experience, Austrian Airlines turns flying into a part of your travel adventure to be savoured, not just endured. Whether you’re headed for the cobblestone streets of Vienna, the snow-capped Alps, or further afield, Austrian Airlines offers a touch of Central European elegance from takeoff to landing.

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