Achieve Salon-Style Lashes at Home: The Kiss Falscara DIY Lash Extension Starter Kit

The Kiss Falscara DIY Lash Extension Starter Kit packaging, featuring various lash lengths, bonding and sealing solutions, and an applicator.

For those who yearn for the fluttery allure of eyelash extensions without the salon price tag, Kiss has introduced a game-changing product: the Falscara DIY Lash Extension Starter Kit. This innovative kit brings the glamour of professional lash extensions into the convenience of your home. In this article, we’ll explore the product, delve into user experiences, discuss its pricing in GBP, and outline why it has become a popular choice among beauty enthusiasts.

Description of the Product

The Kiss Falscara DIY Lash Extension Starter Kit is designed to provide a simple, safe, and cost-effective alternative to professional lash extensions. The kit includes everything needed for a seamless application: biotin-infused Falscara wisps, an applicator, a bond and seal duo, and a remover.

Unlike traditional false lashes that are applied on top of your natural lashes, Falscara wisps are placed underneath the natural lashes, creating a seamless and natural look. The bond and seal duo ensures the wisps stay in place securely, while the gentle remover ensures easy removal without causing damage.

What do People Think About It?

The Falscara DIY Lash Extension Starter Kit has received praise for bringing professional results into the hands of DIY beauty enthusiasts. Users appreciate the natural-looking finish, longevity, and the versatility the kit offers in terms of lash volume and length. Many have highlighted how the kit has become a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to salon appointments.

While the product is generally well-received, some users mention a learning curve associated with the application process. However, with practice, many find that applying the Falscara becomes an easy addition to their beauty routine.

Price in GBP

The Kiss Falscara DIY Lash Extension Starter Kit is known for its affordability. In the United Kingdom, the kit is typically priced between £15.00 and £25.00, depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions.

Why is it Good?

The Kiss Falscara DIY Lash Extension Starter Kit stands out for a variety of reasons:

1. Affordability: Compared to professional lash extensions, the Falscara kit offers a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.

2. Natural Look: The under-lash application method ensures a seamless and natural-looking finish, differentiating it from traditional false lashes.

3. Versatility: The kit allows users to customize their look, from a subtle enhancement to full-on glamour.

4. Convenience: The kit provides everything needed for application and removal, simplifying the process for users.

5. Accessibility: Being readily available in stores and online, it’s an accessible choice for those looking to enhance their lashes at home.


The Kiss Falscara DIY Lash Extension Starter Kit has succeeded in making lash extensions an accessible, affordable, and achievable beauty enhancement. With its promise of salon-quality results from the comfort of your home, it has garnered a dedicated following. Although it may require some practice to perfect the application, the stunning and natural results make it a worthwhile addition to beauty routines across the globe.


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