9 Compelling Reasons to Make Colombia Your Next Travel Destination

Colombia is a land of contrasts, brimming with diversity and vibrancy. From the awe-inspiring Andes to the idyllic Caribbean beaches, it offers an array of attractions that make it a must-visit destination. Here are nine compelling reasons why:

1. Experience Warm Hospitality:

Colombians are renowned for their hospitality. Whether in bustling cities or quaint villages, locals eagerly play the perfect hosts, sharing invaluable tips and proudly showcasing the unique aspects of their nation.

2. Explore the Dynamic Capital, Bogotá:

Perched at 2,625 meters above sea level, Bogotá is a cultural melting pot blending history and modernity. Wander through the historic La Candelaria district, explore the botanical garden, and marvel at the world’s largest collection of pre-Hispanic goldsmith’s art at the Gold Museum. Don’t miss the stunning views from Cerro de Monserrate!

3. Immerse in Breathtaking Landscapes and Biodiversity:

Colombia boasts diverse landscapes, from snow-capped Andes to untouched Amazon rainforests. Home to 60 national parks and reserves, it safeguards its flora and fauna. Spot Andean condors, spectacled bears, jaguars, and river dolphins amidst the scenic beauty.

4. Discover the Rainforest Near Santa Marta:

Santa Marta, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, is your gateway to the stunning Tayrona National Park. Explore white sandy beaches, azure waters, coral reefs, and indigenous communities as guardians of this rich ecosystem.

5. Savour the World’s Best Coffee in the Coffee Triangle:

Coffee enthusiasts, rejoice! Colombia’s coffee triangle, around 200 kilometres west of Bogotá, offers a sensory journey through coffee plantations, allowing you to witness the production process and indulge in exquisite coffee.

6. Step Back in Time in Cartagena:

Cartagena is a historical gem with a vibrant old town enclosed by formidable city walls. Explore colonial architecture, colourful buildings, and picturesque squares that narrate the city’s rich history. The view from Castillo San Felipe de Barajas is not to be missed.

7. Embrace Colombian Culture:

Colombian culture is a captivating blend of traditions reflected in music, dance, art, and cuisine. Dance to the rhythms of cumbia, vallenato, and salsa, and partake in year-round festivals and carnivals.

8. Witness Transformation in Medellín:

Once notorious, Medellín has transformed into one of South America’s greenest cities. Visit the Medellín Flower Festival, explore modern architecture, and witness how innovations like electric escalators have reshaped communities. The city’s art scene and nightlife are equally enthralling.

9. Indulge in Culinary Delights:

Colombian cuisine is a foodie’s paradise. Relish arepas, bandeja paisa, and exotic fruits like lulo and guanábana. Gourmet restaurants in Bogotá, Medellín, and Cartagena serve creative dishes, making Colombia a haven for gastronomy enthusiasts.

Getting to Colombia from the UK:

Flights to Colombia from the UK are readily available, with direct options to Bogotá and convenient connecting flights to other cities. For economy travellers, budget airlines offer affordable round-trip fares, with prices starting from around £500. Mid-range travellers might opt for premium economy or choose airlines with better amenities, with tickets averaging £800 to £1,200. Luxury travellers can indulge in first-class or business-class experiences on airlines such as British Airways, with prices starting from £2,000 and soaring upwards depending on the luxuries and conveniences offered.

So, pack your bags and let the allure of Colombia captivate your heart and soul!

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